Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mr.bean :0

Hello readers ,
I bet you guys know Mr. Bean , the funniest people in the world for me . For me , Mr.Bean is a normal person like us right ? He can talk , can walk and also can read. I think you guys think that he is crazy because he will bring his teddy bear every and whenever he goes.But, it just a acting when he plays his character .  He is good at making people lough . Don't get me wrong , i just amaze with his character .Actually , we can do what he can did. If i look at his face , i feel like loughing non-stop . One more thing , i  really like Mr.bean GREEN car. Here , i post some of Mr.bean picture just for you , readers.

Sunway time :)

  Yahoo Yahoo !! I'm very tired cause i just came back from Sunway Pyramid to by my dress dinner . But  unfortunately , i can't find the best dress for me to wear at the dinner . So, i just bought something else . Anyway , i had a good time with my beloved mom . I bought shoes , scarf  and t-shirt . After that , we went for lunch . Our first choice is at The Manhattan  fish market and our second choice is Secret recipe . So, we have decided to go to Secret Recipe . I ordered Burger while Ainaa ordered her favourite dish that is Chicken Cordon Blue . Then, we went to buy my things . 


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boring day in my hole life :(

    What a boring day in my hole life , that is my topic for this day :)
   I didn't go to religious school today , so i don't know what to do today . I feel so lonely .
         Actually i really miss someone that is very mean to my life that is ****** . I guesse my bestfriends
          know the person is . I feel like going out with my friends in this afternoon , but i don;t have transport!!
          Erghh boring ~. So i planned to make this day a best day instead of boring day right?? I'm going to
          entertain my self like eating , watching tv , blogging  and facebooking. Yeahhh i think that is the best idea .
                                Sorry if i make a mistake in my spelling you guys . Bye bye

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ellisha's House

      Hey hey
 Yesterday, i had a really good time with my beloved friends. Jawidah , Adi and i went to Ellisha's house to play and ride bicycle . Jawidah and i can't find Ellisha's house. because, to find Ellisha's house quite complicated.  So, i get scold by my sister!! . Adi had arrived and play with Ellisha while waiting for Jawidah and me to arrived . When we arrived , we went to Ellisha's room but her little brother name Ilyas folllowed us everywhere!! . Then , we watched ghost move trailer . Ilyas keep on bothering us at Ellisha's room !! that is so annoying , then Ellisha's slap Ilyas and he cry and shout as loud as he can.
           After that , we went to & eleven to buy slurrpy and ice-cream . Then, we went to the playground and play and captured some photos at there . Then , we waited for Adi's mother to take me and Jawidah. Couple minutes later Adi's mother took us and brought us home .We had a good time together with Ellisha , Adi , Jawidah and me .. bye bye

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jawidah's house :)

         Hello friends :)
 Yesterday Ellisha and i went to Jawidah's house at Seksyen 7. Jawidah's house is very near to my house . I can just walk  from my house to reach Jawidah's house. We planned to go to Jawidah's house at 2.00 pm . I reached there on  time , but Ellisha arived at 2.30 pm. Ergggghhh !!!!. While waiting for Ellisha to come, Jawidah and i went online and chose some ghosts stories to watch. At last, Ellisha came. We went upstairs and went to Jawidah sister's room to watch the movie. When we started to watch the movie, we were very shocked because we saw a lot of creepy ghosts in part one . So, if we saw the ghost  , we will close our eyes with the pillows .

             The ghost story has four parts. We just watched until part two  because we couldn't bear to watch the third part. After that , Jawidah taught us to make a beautiful blog using beautiful  wallpaper .Now , we know how to make  beautiful blog like her's . We also listened to some songs . After that, we went to 7 eleven to buy slurrpy and Jawidah treated us.On the way  to 7 eleven , we saw Zairel and his friends playing football at the playground .

              We teased him until he blushed. Then , we bought slurrpy and played at the playground with Jawidah and Ellisha . We also captured some photos together . I hope Adi , Batrisya and Sharifah can come along with  us next time . After that , Jawidah and Ellisha sent me home and they went back .We had a good time together .Thank you Ellisha and Jawidah.:)



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trip to Beryl's and Ostrich Farm:)

        Hello readers,
I had a really good time at there with my besties (jawidah, ellisha,adi and sharifah ).In the bas, i sat beside ellisha and when i sat beside her , I can't sleep because she had a noisy mouth :) Beside, i had a good time with her.The journey took forty five minutes to reach at the ostrich farm ..During the journey to reach the farm, we watched cartoon like tom and jerry, spongebob squarepants .  I really hate those movies and those movies made us like a kinder garden! Ergghhh!~~
       After we reached the ostrich farm , i was very excited to ride the ostrich. First thing that we did after reached the farm is the owner of the farm gave explanation about the ostrich . Then, the kids from bas A,B,C and D will take their turn to ride the ostrich., i felt very scared to ride the ostrich but i think 'this is the chance i can ride  ostrich in my whole life' . After bas A has gone to mcD, i ride the ostrich and i was so , happy . But the time Hazrain  ride the ostrich, something weird happen..The ostrich kept on running and didn't want to stop..That is very funny:).And Hazrain became panic.

         Then,we went to Beryl's chocolate factory to bought some chocolate. But before that, we  stopped at the mosque to pray , when i opened the toilet bathroom, i saw a lot of human shits every where!! eeewwww! disgusting .After that, we went to the beryl''s chocolate factory . There's a lot of chocolate at there , i felt very amazed. I saw the way people make the chocolate .I taste the tiramisu chocolate and the taste is damn delicious . Then, i bought strawberry chocolate, mint chocolate and tiramisu chocolate.
           Okay guys i will post more news later, sorry for my error spelling:)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Warm talk.

Hello new readers.

I'm a new blogger here. My name is Iman Husna and i'm a 12 yrs old teenager. I started this new world , blog , because i want to share with you about my daily life , my feeling , my activities and others here. I hope you guys will enjoy reading this blog even though there were many grammar errors. This all for the starting.