Friday, January 14, 2011

Diary is my life

Diary is my life ,
Everything happens to me i wrote it there. It's like my soul . Dangerous for people to read it . Bad day and Horrible day always happen at me. I mean everyone else also face with that things. people will not miss with their own error. I don't have good friend but i have perfect friend. I will never find good friends for me.

In morning , i will wake-up and write my diary about what i dream . I only write Beautiful dream , Bad dreams , i will just forget it. It's quite complicated for me to forget it. Good mood will allow me to be happy all day long . I wish i have Telescope because i really want to see the moon , and the constellations. I love it so much . Mom , please buy me one :(. Because it will make me peace looking at the constellations.

Sorry for the mistakes and error i wrote in this story . Hope you enjoy it . Tata ;)
                                                                                                                           By : Iman Husna;

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