Friday, January 7, 2011

First and 3rd day in school

Yeh-he , sorry for not updating my blog , busy study for examination .
Yeahh , first day in school is so awesome ! love it so much. I met new friends and my old friends. Athirah Johana is my new friend and she has grown up become pretty and gorgeous. In class , i seat woth my twin , Ainaa husna and she is so annyoing and give preassure. The next day , i sat with Karmila , she is so nice to me and that makes me love her. The teacher's are so fierce. Just like Incredible Hulk.
                                          Third day in school      
Okay , that is the worst day in the school ! On 6.15 , all the pupils went to surau and pray. I can't pray so i went to the bathroom with Athirah , Karmila and Ainaa. They accompany me. After that , we play at dataran for a while. Suddenly the school senior assistant call us and we must go to his room . In his room , we have been scolded (kow kow ). We explained to the teacher and the dialog is like this :

Teacher : Kamu buat apa main kejar kejar kat bawah tu ! ?
Iman : Saya dan karmila tak boleh solat .
Athirah :*diam
Ainaa : *diam
Teacher : Kamu ni dikira PONTENG !
All : *Pffttt
Teacher :Dekat kelas ada cikgu tak ! ? ( Sambil hentak meja )
All : * Terus pandang atas
Iman : tak ada
Theacher : TEMBERANG !!
Iman : * Benda betul , haiiaaa
Teacher : Kamu akan dikenakan tindakan disiplin ! GANTUNG SEKOLAH 2 HARI
All :* Takut and pucat
Teacher : Baru hari ketiga , dah BELAGAK and TERGEDIK GEDIK
All : * Muka dah berair , except me .
Teacher : Pergi duduk dekat kerusi luar sampai balik ! Jangan masuk kelas !
All : * duduk  ( Murid form 2 lalu and cakap * Nak Join Juga !
Athirah : Kurang ajar gila !
Teacher : Pergi masuk kelas ! Besok jumpa saya !

That is a long story and the worst day i had ever had. Fyi , the teacher is serious . Then , we don't see the teacher the next day . Who wants ?? . Tata :)

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