Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday brotherr :')

Heyy Guyss , ermmm lot of story to tell you guys. Last week , my brother's birthday. And i don't give him anything. I'm so sorry lah b'cause i don't have anything to give you. No money is the rea son ! haha. So , on his birthday , i follow my father to buy him his birthday present. You know what , ireally enve towards him b'cause he got BB ! omaygooddd :O , he got bb bold 3 and it is reaally awesome ! Hmmm , it means that i just wait for my pmr then i got bb just like Airi ! :p , that smiley is for you :( . Here some photo's about his birthday party ! ;
Poor you Airi :'(

Haaa , thanks to Erina b'cause she made this birthday Party guys !

I just love that cake , nyum nyum !

I just cans ee his eyes , i wan to see the whole face lah. Don't hide it -,-

K , i don't know what to comment about this picture :/

Meet the gorgeous girl , Ainil Swift and Erina Azmi ;)

Secret are reveald :')

Holly shit ? Guys , after so long i forgot my password , last night Jawidah helped me to check my password.Oh damn , I am very thankful and grateful to my my friend , Jawidah. She helped me a lot and i really appreciate it. It's been such a long time didn't see my wall post in this blog. I seemed to forget the story that I want to tell you all. So sorry :) . I tried to remember my password but i have a lot of password and it is confusing me. So , i ask Widah to try all the password . And you know what , she laugh b'cause my password is so unique. I know you are jealous leww Widah. Haha , so , i just took some picture when i'm bored and edit it. B'cause i don't have work to do ;
Yayayaya , i know i'm not as beautiful as you guys :p , i just trying to be myself. And i got this mustache is from Widah. Copycat ? i'm npt copycat kay b'cause i'm human not cat -.- . Just want to let you know , i love that sweater alottttt :') , . This is Malaysian and not London to wear sweater right ? so , i just wear it my cold room je laaahh . Another picture i snap is ;
Yeaahhh , i just love this picture so much. Act, it's kindda horrible but i just love it okay. My hair is in mess and it is mess all the time. Haha , i love taking picture alone b'cause peope aways bother me while i'm taking photos and that is so baaddd. I mean really really baddd O.o . Chio , p/s sorry for the mistakes .

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My dear ~

Ellisha :) , i miss you. About this picture , fyi this is not me okay , this my friend. My face is not that white :p. In standard 6 , Jawidah , Batyrisya , Ellisha , Adi and me had a big fight with our friend name Sharifah in school. I  don't  remember what about. We don't talk even see her face in school. She is so alone. Ant this year , i ask for her forgiveness because i want to friend with her. It is like a baby fighting each other. Am i right ? Iknow lah. Haha. I'm 13 years old and not 3 years old. And glad , that she accepted to be my friend again. Weee~~. At school , i always chit chat with her. I hope that , Ellisha and my other friend can study in same school , but it will not happened. Okay , i will update you guys soon. Chio :*

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Teacher ~

Hey guys , sorry for not updating my blog yesterday. I can't even has time to online b'cause i'm finishing my Porfolio  Sivik. I hate doing projek alone. I love doing projek in group b'cause i just can seat down and show to them what they should do. Aicehh * . The project  must be sent yesterday and yesterday i start to doing the Topic and can u just imagine how nervous i am. My back is so tired and i did the projeck about 3 hours non stop. I started doing it at 7.30 a.m. like that. After i did that project, i'm so relieved and i pack my school books in my bag and get ready to school ! Luckly yesterday is not sunny and cold. But , when i reached at school and wanted to sent the project , my teacher didn't came and i was like -..- . It is so annoying . And i hope today i can sent my project.
                                                             By ; Iman Husna

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Holiday , papaii :')

Oh my God , school holiday already left me . And today , i will be going to school at 12.30 p.m. , i must walk from my house to the school with hot weather. Hate it so much and if my dad were home , i will ask my dad to sent me to school. And about that picture , nothing to do with our story today okay. Hihi, The truth is i hate school at the evening b'cause my class will be very hot plus my seat is beside the window. Haiiih -,-. My school end at 6.40 p.m. .So , the time taken for me to reach my home is about 10 minutes. But before that , i will stop at 7 eleven shop to buy drinks. I usually by Justea pic. And it is my favourite drinks. I hope school hoilday will come again and never leave us. Plus , i hope we still have opportunity to celebrate it with joy. Guys , i will keep u update. Chio

With love ; Iman Husna

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Give me a bite ,

Woaa ,
Looking at those cupcakes make me feel hungry . I am crazy about eating food that makes from sugar guys. Expecially cakes and chocolates. I love people giving me chocolate for birthday present than giving me expensive things. Those cupcakes are like elmo face right. Hikhik . :* But i am controlling my self to eat those food. I eat when i felt like eating it. But , i don't really like to eat biscuits. It is not delicious okay.And one more thing that you must know about me is i am not fat. My friends always said that i am fat . So what ? Like i care , mind your own body lah nyah !. But the eyes scars me so much, haha. Okay i will post more soon guys .

Tiring day

Hey guys ,
This morning , my mother , Ainaa and Airi went to Sunway Pyramid.Waiting for my brother to change his cloth is like a year . After we chit chat , we arrived at there about 11.30 like that. When i just got there , suddenly i heard my phone kring kring and it is from irfan :) . hihi. Okay whatever. I begin it with going to Forever 21 shop , when i just got there , i felt like i'm in heaven b'cause i just love that shop. Ainaa bought her shoes at there and it cost Rm 49.90 but it was just lovely. While me , i bought my vintage bag , and for me , it looks beautiful and cost Rm 59.90 .I bought it at TeeToo shop . Haiish , melampau gila harga .

After we bought those shoes and bags , we went to my brother place .He wanted to buy a jeans , but we don't find the perfect jeans for him . At 12.30 , we went for lunch at The Manhattan fish Market , the food was so delicious and perfect . After that , we continue finding my brother jeans, suddenly we found Cotton on shop and my brother bought his jeans at there . In my entire life , i have never seen my brother bought jeans in that shop. While Ainaa and me bought our cardigan . I found a beautiful short skirts and it was so gorgeous and next time i will buy that short skirt.

Clock shows at 3.00 p.m. , and for me , it is still early to go home . But my brother want to be home early b'cause he is so tired . So , we went back home . Mom , thanks for buying me those things , i really appreciate it so much .
                                                                                                                           With love ; Iman Husna