Sunday, November 28, 2010

Horror day .

Heyy-yoo readers ,esterday i went to Pavilion with my cousin and we watched Cinema . We arrived there at 11.00 . Then , we bought ticket . We watched ghost story and the story is ' Let me in '. The story is supperb- scary . The story is about a girl who is a vampire stay in a town . The boy name Owen also live in the same town and they are neighbor . Owen didn't realised that he is friending with wampire that wanted blood . But he fall in love with the vampire and the vampire who names Abby will help him if he had problem. Abby has cause a lot of death .Owen had been bullied with his seniors because he is like a girl . One day , Owen seniors whacked him in the swimming pool and Abby eat all of Owen seniors .He is indebt to Abby and wanted to live with her .But , Abyy wont eat Owen because she loves him . Here some photos you can see about the story .

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sunny Day .

Today is sunny day .In the morning , i open my eyes and see brightness from the cloud . Wow , it is so amazing. I love to update my blog when i'm free. Usuall in this free time , i finish my day with reading story books. I really love to read Harry Potter story because i love the hero.I don't like finishing my day by arguing with my lil sister because her attitude is annoying. While reading book , i listening some songs from my handphone .I will no reading my story book whole day because i'm not a robot . I will updating my blog and facebooking. Usuall, Jawidah will go to my house to play with me and go to 7 eleven to buy slrrpy and cycling . For me . that is the best momment with her. I hope next time we will do that together again .

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry potter And the Deathly Haloows :)

Omgeee ~!

Guys ,Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows is superbb awesome . I watched the movie with my sister on thursday . First , my father droped us at the cinema and we went to take the ticket because we already booked it . It is very interesting movie but a kindda boring because Dumbledore is dead . Harry potter is so cute , Ron is kindda horrible in this movie and Hermoine is pretty .  I focus on the story without any interruption . At the above are some photos about the story .

Friday, November 19, 2010

Good Bye Guys

Aloha !

 This picture show that i'm really sad to leave the lovely school and i'm really moody that time . :( Hmmm , but what can i do , weather i like or not , i must leave the school and go to new school next year . School , i will bot forget you and i will keep you in my heart .

Now, i felt the way people lost their beloved friends ,because i can felt it to my heart . Yesterday is the last school for this year and i will be in secondary year next year . I will meet my new friends at there but i will not forget my friends . I hope you guys will have new life and i will not forget you all in my prayer. I hope they can get success in their examination. before this , during examination ,we use to help each other .what a sweet moment. We captured a lot of photos together , Jawidah bought her Dslr . Unfortunately ,Syawal didn't come and i'm so lonely :( . My friends sign their signature at m school uniform and it was so awesome ! . All 6 Bumi came to our class and it is like a huge party ! Then , P.jamilah came to our class and slept all 6 Bumi . Wow! Aina zabidi is the first person that have been slept by PJ.Bye :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Never be separated :)

Yeh Hoo ~

Yesterday was the most meaningful day for me . That was the first time Jawidah,  Ainaa and i  went to Ellisha's house together with Batrisya and Sharifah . Sharifah and Batrisya had already jawidah's place. Then , Jawidah called me to go to her house .Ainaa and i went to Jawidah's house around 2.45 . Then , we went upstairs  to Jawidah's room and surprised them . After that , without wasting time we went online with Adi .
  While we were online,  Ellisha asked us  to come to her house as soon as possible because Ilyas is sleeping . After onlining , we cycled towards Ellisha's house . First , jawidah and  me cycled first , then we took  turn until we reached Ellisha's house . On the way to Ellisha's house ,  a lot of men bothered us . We felt like throwing stones right to their heads . Aiaaa , after we reached Ellisha's house , i asked Ellisha some ice cold water to cool down  my throat. 
      Jawidah asked Ellisha if she wanted to cook maggie . Then , Ellisha cooked us Curry maggie and it was so delicious . While we were eating maggie , Batrisya , Sharifah and Ainaa husna were cycling . After eating maggie , Jawidah , Ellisha and i  went upstairs and took a lot of damn nice photo's . Jawidah used her new camera DSLR . Hahaha . Then , it was getting late .We decided to go to Jawidah's house . Before that , we bought Ice Blended Tapai . After that , Sharifah and Batrisya went home . I really hope Adi can join us next time . :)
Tata :)

We will always be together :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Angry fox , aiiaaaa

                                             I don’t know if this is counted as humor cause I don’t see it that way. looooll.        

     Hey guys ,
I just got this awesome picture from Jawidah's friend blog. This picture look very attractive and kidda funny . Actually , there's a lot of pictures like this , but i choose this great picture. This picture i mean to those who have long hair . Haha , i'm just joking , don't take it to heart. Hokay guys , it's all for this time , i will post you some picture for time to time . Tata :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Result Upsr

Can somebody help me change the day of  announcement UPSR result !. I'm really scard guys , i feel like crying 24 hours imagine the time teacher call our name to take the result . I'm hoping that i got straight A's , and i hope it really come true . IF i get 5a's , i can ask everything that i want from my mom , but if i coudn't get, i  just sat down and wept tears of blood .My mom and dad have high expectation on me , maybe i do not dissapointed them . They have raised me with love .
             I can only repay them by rewarding they my excelent result , not failure . I hope ALLAH will give me victory . For my friends , i never forget to pray for you guys .

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time for Tears :)

       Hey my fellow friends,

 As you guys know ,  next year we will be separated and go to our secondary school of choice . I will be going to Seksyen 7. Ellisha ,  my bestfriend for ever and ever ,  will be going to Ssaas . I will damn miss her . I hope she will not forget me . Jawidah and Adi are also me bestfriends . I'm not sure where they will be schooling at , but i really hope they will be with me . I don't  want to be separated with them .

  Ellisha , Adi , Jawidah are the best friends for me on the Earth. They are always there for me when i'm in trouble. I really love them more then i love my own boyfriend . I laugh with them, cry with them, play with them and do most activities with them. No matter what happens, they will always be in my heart . Zairel , Luqman Ellias , Syawal , Izz  , Taufiq , Harith Hakimi and Elly plus , batrisya , you guys are the bestfriends for me . I will always LOVE  you guys .

                                                 J.E.A.B.S   ARE MY SOUL       
                                                         TRUE LOVE :)       
                                                      LOVE YOU GUYS