Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ole + Ola !
That's my new greet for my blog readers. I really want to hang out my buddies and friends. I don't know why when i with them in classroom , i never ask them to hang out. Now school holiday is over , i suddenly think of that. What an idiot. Hang out togethere with friends is so much pleasure to me. It's different then hang out with family , but of course family is the best. But i usually hang out with them sometimes and depends on my mood and my time table. But now , i can't hang out with them anymore because i must study for one more exam in Sekolah Menengah to know what class will i get. And it is so boring. But , my bestfriend (Ellisha) always can't join us with good reason and that makes me accept it. Me , Jawidah , Batrisya and Sharifah must walk to reach Ellisha's house and i felt like killing her ! Oh-my-god. Her house is very far than i thought. I can reach there arround 15 minutes if i cycle. I hope i can hang out with her next time.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tom Kenny and Bill Fagerbakke.

Ola !
I bet you guys love watching Spongebob Squarepants. Same like me and all of you. But , do you guys know who make the voice ? His name is Tom kenny. . He is so good at making the voice. I love his sweet voice and character. Same goes to Patrick. His name is Bill Fagerbakke. I like Patrick more than spongebob while my sister Ainaa love Spongebob more then me . We have Spongebob and Patrick Star doll. My mom bought it for me when i'm in standard 4. But , what makes me confused is how did they make it's voice in Malay. Futhermore , they are English. How impressive! I think they can make a lot of money. I don't like Squidward because he is so selfish.  . I adore to the ocean a place that Spongebob lives. He looks like a kindergarten boy isn't ? Those are the photos i took from tumblr for you . Enjoy ,

                                                                                                       By : Iman Husna ,

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Skating and Skater

Hey again ,
Sorry for not updating my blog , no interesting news , intresting pictures and blah blagh . I'm sure you guys know skater. Actually , i do love skating but i don't know how to skate and even , i don't have skateboard. It's not i don't want to buy it , but i have no idea where it is. *Hik hik. Skater play skate at Skatepark. But the risk is , my skin will burn and become black if i play it.Furthermore , if we lost step playing it , we may get injured. My buddy (friends) use to play it every weekend with their friends.
 My friend said , what good about skating is they can released stress and sadness. That's way they usually play it. I'm a girl and i can't play skate because i'm a little bit shy. After that , they will go to Burger King or wherever to eat. But , i don't think skating are wasting time because it is a hobby for skater. Learning how to skate it's kind of complicated for me , because i don't get what they told. What ever 8). Here some photos that i took for you.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sorry to say bro :P

Omgee ! A horrible thing happend to my mom in KLIA . After she got home , she told us that she had been sitting with three smelly man ( sorry to say ) . My mom can't stand sitting with they and remove to other seat . But it's not suprising because my mom just got to KLIA to go to Sandakan . All the people have worked since morning untill evening , so they will got smelly . My mom took the chance to take their photo . Unbelievable. But the man didn't realise that their body smell just like Perfume . And that is so yuckksss !. I did not mean to insult them , but it's fact . And my mom seat a lone and away from them .
But i don't think they are family . But how can they stick each other.Puh-lease ! if i were them , i will put perfume . Haha . Sorry :p . I hope the people in this photo didn't read my blog . Sorry again :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Will be thirteen :)

    Hole readers,
 Today , i will post sad things. Next year i will be schooling at SMK Seksyen 7 . I hate it . But my  and dad want me to go to that school because my sister and brother schooling at there . Oops , i forget. My sister already took SPM and studying at her University . I don't have any friend at there . Lonely :( . *Sob sob . I hope i can get good class so i can focus what the teacher teach . Furthermore , on 7th January 2011  it will be my big day and it is my 13rd birthday.

 New life .                                                                    
I will start my new life in 2011 . I will be more independent and study hard .  No more playing and no more playing with my lil sister . I will forget what happend to me when i'm in standard 6 . But i will never forget to my Girlfriend . But easier for me to see Jawidah because my house is very near to her house . We are neighbor. i hope she will not going to Samtaj . Miss me guys , hehe . Okay , Tata

Thursday, December 16, 2010

It hurts so much .

   Hey guys ,

I'm sure you guys have been wear heels right ? But , some heels make us feel tall and confortable when we wear it , but some not . I love the wear sandal and shoes when i go out . I don't really like heels because it makes me look horrible . I will only wear it if i go to certain place . Usually , model will wear to make them  look great right ? Here i post you a some pictures .                                                                      

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Love Him ♥

   Morning guys ,
I just want to post something that different . I usually post about me with my life . Today , i will post about my favourite person. They are actor and director . They are twins just like me and Ainaa husna. here i post you some photo's about them .
Doesn't they look very cute. Okay , this photo look a little bit horrible . Because their hair looks different but it's okay .  ♥
This photo is awesome ! . I love this so much Their smiles are so charming. i guess they were about to play something . But i like the left one ♥.
This photos is in Harry Potter . But i don't remember in which part. Their hair looks like women . Haha. They look very mature then i guess. I admire them  ♥

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cheer me up please :(

Erghh ,
I'm kandda boring right now . Nobody wants to talk with me include my lil sister . 24 House infront the laptop . What an idiot -,- . I'm at my village and staying there for 5 days. Oh my god , what shall i do in 5 days . I will not watching movies all the time . No way , ! otherwise , my eyes will get swallon. Haha . i keep on playing my game and hearing songs that bring no benefits . My father did once invite me out and go hang around . And i say , no because it was to hot and i want to online . I love onlining because chatting with friends is awesome . Guys , cheer me up please ,  i want to go out with my you right now . :'(. Maybe i must ask Ainaa to talk with me i guesse . Chio guys . :)