Sunday, May 29, 2011

Secret are reveald :')

Holly shit ? Guys , after so long i forgot my password , last night Jawidah helped me to check my password.Oh damn , I am very thankful and grateful to my my friend , Jawidah. She helped me a lot and i really appreciate it. It's been such a long time didn't see my wall post in this blog. I seemed to forget the story that I want to tell you all. So sorry :) . I tried to remember my password but i have a lot of password and it is confusing me. So , i ask Widah to try all the password . And you know what , she laugh b'cause my password is so unique. I know you are jealous leww Widah. Haha , so , i just took some picture when i'm bored and edit it. B'cause i don't have work to do ;
Yayayaya , i know i'm not as beautiful as you guys :p , i just trying to be myself. And i got this mustache is from Widah. Copycat ? i'm npt copycat kay b'cause i'm human not cat -.- . Just want to let you know , i love that sweater alottttt :') , . This is Malaysian and not London to wear sweater right ? so , i just wear it my cold room je laaahh . Another picture i snap is ;
Yeaahhh , i just love this picture so much. Act, it's kindda horrible but i just love it okay. My hair is in mess and it is mess all the time. Haha , i love taking picture alone b'cause peope aways bother me while i'm taking photos and that is so baaddd. I mean really really baddd O.o . Chio , p/s sorry for the mistakes .

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