Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ole + Ola !
That's my new greet for my blog readers. I really want to hang out my buddies and friends. I don't know why when i with them in classroom , i never ask them to hang out. Now school holiday is over , i suddenly think of that. What an idiot. Hang out togethere with friends is so much pleasure to me. It's different then hang out with family , but of course family is the best. But i usually hang out with them sometimes and depends on my mood and my time table. But now , i can't hang out with them anymore because i must study for one more exam in Sekolah Menengah to know what class will i get. And it is so boring. But , my bestfriend (Ellisha) always can't join us with good reason and that makes me accept it. Me , Jawidah , Batrisya and Sharifah must walk to reach Ellisha's house and i felt like killing her ! Oh-my-god. Her house is very far than i thought. I can reach there arround 15 minutes if i cycle. I hope i can hang out with her next time.

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