Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Teacher ~

Hey guys , sorry for not updating my blog yesterday. I can't even has time to online b'cause i'm finishing my Porfolio  Sivik. I hate doing projek alone. I love doing projek in group b'cause i just can seat down and show to them what they should do. Aicehh * . The project  must be sent yesterday and yesterday i start to doing the Topic and can u just imagine how nervous i am. My back is so tired and i did the projeck about 3 hours non stop. I started doing it at 7.30 a.m. like that. After i did that project, i'm so relieved and i pack my school books in my bag and get ready to school ! Luckly yesterday is not sunny and cold. But , when i reached at school and wanted to sent the project , my teacher didn't came and i was like -..- . It is so annoying . And i hope today i can sent my project.
                                                             By ; Iman Husna

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