Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tiring day

Hey guys ,
This morning , my mother , Ainaa and Airi went to Sunway Pyramid.Waiting for my brother to change his cloth is like a year . After we chit chat , we arrived at there about 11.30 like that. When i just got there , suddenly i heard my phone kring kring and it is from irfan :) . hihi. Okay whatever. I begin it with going to Forever 21 shop , when i just got there , i felt like i'm in heaven b'cause i just love that shop. Ainaa bought her shoes at there and it cost Rm 49.90 but it was just lovely. While me , i bought my vintage bag , and for me , it looks beautiful and cost Rm 59.90 .I bought it at TeeToo shop . Haiish , melampau gila harga .

After we bought those shoes and bags , we went to my brother place .He wanted to buy a jeans , but we don't find the perfect jeans for him . At 12.30 , we went for lunch at The Manhattan fish Market , the food was so delicious and perfect . After that , we continue finding my brother jeans, suddenly we found Cotton on shop and my brother bought his jeans at there . In my entire life , i have never seen my brother bought jeans in that shop. While Ainaa and me bought our cardigan . I found a beautiful short skirts and it was so gorgeous and next time i will buy that short skirt.

Clock shows at 3.00 p.m. , and for me , it is still early to go home . But my brother want to be home early b'cause he is so tired . So , we went back home . Mom , thanks for buying me those things , i really appreciate it so much .
                                                                                                                           With love ; Iman Husna 

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