Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boring day in my hole life :(

    What a boring day in my hole life , that is my topic for this day :)
   I didn't go to religious school today , so i don't know what to do today . I feel so lonely .
         Actually i really miss someone that is very mean to my life that is ****** . I guesse my bestfriends
          know the person is . I feel like going out with my friends in this afternoon , but i don;t have transport!!
          Erghh boring ~. So i planned to make this day a best day instead of boring day right?? I'm going to
          entertain my self like eating , watching tv , blogging  and facebooking. Yeahhh i think that is the best idea .
                                Sorry if i make a mistake in my spelling you guys . Bye bye

1 comment:

MFL said...

i thought u r missing your mom...