Monday, October 25, 2010

Ellisha's House

      Hey hey
 Yesterday, i had a really good time with my beloved friends. Jawidah , Adi and i went to Ellisha's house to play and ride bicycle . Jawidah and i can't find Ellisha's house. because, to find Ellisha's house quite complicated.  So, i get scold by my sister!! . Adi had arrived and play with Ellisha while waiting for Jawidah and me to arrived . When we arrived , we went to Ellisha's room but her little brother name Ilyas folllowed us everywhere!! . Then , we watched ghost move trailer . Ilyas keep on bothering us at Ellisha's room !! that is so annoying , then Ellisha's slap Ilyas and he cry and shout as loud as he can.
           After that , we went to & eleven to buy slurrpy and ice-cream . Then, we went to the playground and play and captured some photos at there . Then , we waited for Adi's mother to take me and Jawidah. Couple minutes later Adi's mother took us and brought us home .We had a good time together with Ellisha , Adi , Jawidah and me .. bye bye

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