Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trip to Beryl's and Ostrich Farm:)

        Hello readers,
I had a really good time at there with my besties (jawidah, ellisha,adi and sharifah ).In the bas, i sat beside ellisha and when i sat beside her , I can't sleep because she had a noisy mouth :) Beside, i had a good time with her.The journey took forty five minutes to reach at the ostrich farm ..During the journey to reach the farm, we watched cartoon like tom and jerry, spongebob squarepants .  I really hate those movies and those movies made us like a kinder garden! Ergghhh!~~
       After we reached the ostrich farm , i was very excited to ride the ostrich. First thing that we did after reached the farm is the owner of the farm gave explanation about the ostrich . Then, the kids from bas A,B,C and D will take their turn to ride the ostrich., i felt very scared to ride the ostrich but i think 'this is the chance i can ride  ostrich in my whole life' . After bas A has gone to mcD, i ride the ostrich and i was so , happy . But the time Hazrain  ride the ostrich, something weird happen..The ostrich kept on running and didn't want to stop..That is very funny:).And Hazrain became panic.

         Then,we went to Beryl's chocolate factory to bought some chocolate. But before that, we  stopped at the mosque to pray , when i opened the toilet bathroom, i saw a lot of human shits every where!! eeewwww! disgusting .After that, we went to the beryl''s chocolate factory . There's a lot of chocolate at there , i felt very amazed. I saw the way people make the chocolate .I taste the tiramisu chocolate and the taste is damn delicious . Then, i bought strawberry chocolate, mint chocolate and tiramisu chocolate.
           Okay guys i will post more news later, sorry for my error spelling:)

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MFL said...

taik everywhere? eewww!!!