Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jawidah's house :)

         Hello friends :)
 Yesterday Ellisha and i went to Jawidah's house at Seksyen 7. Jawidah's house is very near to my house . I can just walk  from my house to reach Jawidah's house. We planned to go to Jawidah's house at 2.00 pm . I reached there on  time , but Ellisha arived at 2.30 pm. Ergggghhh !!!!. While waiting for Ellisha to come, Jawidah and i went online and chose some ghosts stories to watch. At last, Ellisha came. We went upstairs and went to Jawidah sister's room to watch the movie. When we started to watch the movie, we were very shocked because we saw a lot of creepy ghosts in part one . So, if we saw the ghost  , we will close our eyes with the pillows .

             The ghost story has four parts. We just watched until part two  because we couldn't bear to watch the third part. After that , Jawidah taught us to make a beautiful blog using beautiful  wallpaper .Now , we know how to make  beautiful blog like her's . We also listened to some songs . After that, we went to 7 eleven to buy slurrpy and Jawidah treated us.On the way  to 7 eleven , we saw Zairel and his friends playing football at the playground .

              We teased him until he blushed. Then , we bought slurrpy and played at the playground with Jawidah and Ellisha . We also captured some photos together . I hope Adi , Batrisya and Sharifah can come along with  us next time . After that , Jawidah and Ellisha sent me home and they went back .We had a good time together .Thank you Ellisha and Jawidah.:)



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MFL said...

iman dear, you have very nice friends...