Sunday, November 28, 2010

Horror day .

Heyy-yoo readers ,esterday i went to Pavilion with my cousin and we watched Cinema . We arrived there at 11.00 . Then , we bought ticket . We watched ghost story and the story is ' Let me in '. The story is supperb- scary . The story is about a girl who is a vampire stay in a town . The boy name Owen also live in the same town and they are neighbor . Owen didn't realised that he is friending with wampire that wanted blood . But he fall in love with the vampire and the vampire who names Abby will help him if he had problem. Abby has cause a lot of death .Owen had been bullied with his seniors because he is like a girl . One day , Owen seniors whacked him in the swimming pool and Abby eat all of Owen seniors .He is indebt to Abby and wanted to live with her .But , Abyy wont eat Owen because she loves him . Here some photos you can see about the story .

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Anonymous said...

I think horror movies are not good for health