Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Never be separated :)

Yeh Hoo ~

Yesterday was the most meaningful day for me . That was the first time Jawidah,  Ainaa and i  went to Ellisha's house together with Batrisya and Sharifah . Sharifah and Batrisya had already jawidah's place. Then , Jawidah called me to go to her house .Ainaa and i went to Jawidah's house around 2.45 . Then , we went upstairs  to Jawidah's room and surprised them . After that , without wasting time we went online with Adi .
  While we were online,  Ellisha asked us  to come to her house as soon as possible because Ilyas is sleeping . After onlining , we cycled towards Ellisha's house . First , jawidah and  me cycled first , then we took  turn until we reached Ellisha's house . On the way to Ellisha's house ,  a lot of men bothered us . We felt like throwing stones right to their heads . Aiaaa , after we reached Ellisha's house , i asked Ellisha some ice cold water to cool down  my throat. 
      Jawidah asked Ellisha if she wanted to cook maggie . Then , Ellisha cooked us Curry maggie and it was so delicious . While we were eating maggie , Batrisya , Sharifah and Ainaa husna were cycling . After eating maggie , Jawidah , Ellisha and i  went upstairs and took a lot of damn nice photo's . Jawidah used her new camera DSLR . Hahaha . Then , it was getting late .We decided to go to Jawidah's house . Before that , we bought Ice Blended Tapai . After that , Sharifah and Batrisya went home . I really hope Adi can join us next time . :)
Tata :)

We will always be together :)

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JAWIDAH said...

Syarifah and Batrisyia sayang oii. Not Sharifah and Batrisya ;)