Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sunny Day .

Today is sunny day .In the morning , i open my eyes and see brightness from the cloud . Wow , it is so amazing. I love to update my blog when i'm free. Usuall in this free time , i finish my day with reading story books. I really love to read Harry Potter story because i love the hero.I don't like finishing my day by arguing with my lil sister because her attitude is annoying. While reading book , i listening some songs from my handphone .I will no reading my story book whole day because i'm not a robot . I will updating my blog and facebooking. Usuall, Jawidah will go to my house to play with me and go to 7 eleven to buy slrrpy and cycling . For me . that is the best momment with her. I hope next time we will do that together again .

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