Friday, November 19, 2010

Good Bye Guys

Aloha !

 This picture show that i'm really sad to leave the lovely school and i'm really moody that time . :( Hmmm , but what can i do , weather i like or not , i must leave the school and go to new school next year . School , i will bot forget you and i will keep you in my heart .

Now, i felt the way people lost their beloved friends ,because i can felt it to my heart . Yesterday is the last school for this year and i will be in secondary year next year . I will meet my new friends at there but i will not forget my friends . I hope you guys will have new life and i will not forget you all in my prayer. I hope they can get success in their examination. before this , during examination ,we use to help each other .what a sweet moment. We captured a lot of photos together , Jawidah bought her Dslr . Unfortunately ,Syawal didn't come and i'm so lonely :( . My friends sign their signature at m school uniform and it was so awesome ! . All 6 Bumi came to our class and it is like a huge party ! Then , P.jamilah came to our class and slept all 6 Bumi . Wow! Aina zabidi is the first person that have been slept by PJ.Bye :)

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