Friday, March 11, 2011

The most loyal friends ,

Hole , !
Talking about friends , the two of them in the picture is the most loyal friends of mine. Start with the left , Ellisha and Jawidah . They are superr-awesome and caring about me . * guesse so. When can we meet again Jawidah and Ellisha ? Both of you stay near with me and we can't even meet yet , busy huuh ? One have gone to Samttaj and another one has went to ssaas and i stayed in sevens . No big deal , i will arrange the time and the day okayy ? We can meet in this holiday :) . And for your information , Ellisha and me have been 13 years old widahh , don't jelousee maa , haha *joke .

Then , we can chit chat together and gossiping . I have lots of story to share with both of you .  It's been a long time i didn't check your update in blog . Okay  , got to go , i will call you guys asap .

                                                                                                                           with love ; Iman husna


cikbibcome said...

hi imaan...lama dah tak baca blog iman,I love the new font format you use..

Iman-Husna said...

hehe , :)

Ellisha said...

iman i am 12 years old la :) btw, thank you, and i miss you too <3