Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My dear ~

Ellisha :) , i miss you. About this picture , fyi this is not me okay , this my friend. My face is not that white :p. In standard 6 , Jawidah , Batyrisya , Ellisha , Adi and me had a big fight with our friend name Sharifah in school. I  don't  remember what about. We don't talk even see her face in school. She is so alone. Ant this year , i ask for her forgiveness because i want to friend with her. It is like a baby fighting each other. Am i right ? Iknow lah. Haha. I'm 13 years old and not 3 years old. And glad , that she accepted to be my friend again. Weee~~. At school , i always chit chat with her. I hope that , Ellisha and my other friend can study in same school , but it will not happened. Okay , i will update you guys soon. Chio :*

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Ellisha said...

thank you Iman ! btw, gmbar ni sgt buruk !