Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cheer me up please :(

Erghh ,
I'm kandda boring right now . Nobody wants to talk with me include my lil sister . 24 House infront the laptop . What an idiot -,- . I'm at my village and staying there for 5 days. Oh my god , what shall i do in 5 days . I will not watching movies all the time . No way , ! otherwise , my eyes will get swallon. Haha . i keep on playing my game and hearing songs that bring no benefits . My father did once invite me out and go hang around . And i say , no because it was to hot and i want to online . I love onlining because chatting with friends is awesome . Guys , cheer me up please ,  i want to go out with my you right now . :'(. Maybe i must ask Ainaa to talk with me i guesse . Chio guys . :)


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