Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tom Kenny and Bill Fagerbakke.

Ola !
I bet you guys love watching Spongebob Squarepants. Same like me and all of you. But , do you guys know who make the voice ? His name is Tom kenny. . He is so good at making the voice. I love his sweet voice and character. Same goes to Patrick. His name is Bill Fagerbakke. I like Patrick more than spongebob while my sister Ainaa love Spongebob more then me . We have Spongebob and Patrick Star doll. My mom bought it for me when i'm in standard 4. But , what makes me confused is how did they make it's voice in Malay. Futhermore , they are English. How impressive! I think they can make a lot of money. I don't like Squidward because he is so selfish.  . I adore to the ocean a place that Spongebob lives. He looks like a kindergarten boy isn't ? Those are the photos i took from tumblr for you . Enjoy ,

                                                                                                       By : Iman Husna ,

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