Thursday, December 9, 2010

Love Him ♥

   Morning guys ,
I just want to post something that different . I usually post about me with my life . Today , i will post about my favourite person. They are actor and director . They are twins just like me and Ainaa husna. here i post you some photo's about them .
Doesn't they look very cute. Okay , this photo look a little bit horrible . Because their hair looks different but it's okay .  ♥
This photo is awesome ! . I love this so much Their smiles are so charming. i guess they were about to play something . But i like the left one ♥.
This photos is in Harry Potter . But i don't remember in which part. Their hair looks like women . Haha. They look very mature then i guess. I admire them  ♥

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MFL said...

interesting pictures
handsome boys ( oliver phelps and James phelps)