Sunday, December 26, 2010

Skating and Skater

Hey again ,
Sorry for not updating my blog , no interesting news , intresting pictures and blah blagh . I'm sure you guys know skater. Actually , i do love skating but i don't know how to skate and even , i don't have skateboard. It's not i don't want to buy it , but i have no idea where it is. *Hik hik. Skater play skate at Skatepark. But the risk is , my skin will burn and become black if i play it.Furthermore , if we lost step playing it , we may get injured. My buddy (friends) use to play it every weekend with their friends.
 My friend said , what good about skating is they can released stress and sadness. That's way they usually play it. I'm a girl and i can't play skate because i'm a little bit shy. After that , they will go to Burger King or wherever to eat. But , i don't think skating are wasting time because it is a hobby for skater. Learning how to skate it's kind of complicated for me , because i don't get what they told. What ever 8). Here some photos that i took for you.

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