Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sorry to say bro :P

Omgee ! A horrible thing happend to my mom in KLIA . After she got home , she told us that she had been sitting with three smelly man ( sorry to say ) . My mom can't stand sitting with they and remove to other seat . But it's not suprising because my mom just got to KLIA to go to Sandakan . All the people have worked since morning untill evening , so they will got smelly . My mom took the chance to take their photo . Unbelievable. But the man didn't realise that their body smell just like Perfume . And that is so yuckksss !. I did not mean to insult them , but it's fact . And my mom seat a lone and away from them .
But i don't think they are family . But how can they stick each other.Puh-lease ! if i were them , i will put perfume . Haha . Sorry :p . I hope the people in this photo didn't read my blog . Sorry again :)

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